Position of the day


Meier - Carlsen
It is a pity to miss a good chance to enter Chigorin's club. White played 39.Ra1 instead of 39.Rh5! with Rxh7 threat, and the world champion survived. A traditional super tournament is going on in Germany.


Caruana - Naiditsch
Black cannot defend his lonely king after 37.Qb4! Candidate for the world champion's title joins the leaders in Germany.


Styazhkina - Yezhel
Point-blank shot: there's no escape for the black king after 39.Rf5+! Chess Amateurs Tournament is taking place in Krasnodar Krai.


Aronian - Naiditsch
The knight's big journey: 32.Ne6! Rc8 33.Nd8 d5 34.Nc6! A traditional super tournament is taking place in Germany.


Meier - Caruana
Avoiding distraction by material things: Black is winning by force after 33...Rh3! 34. Rxe6 Rxg3+. A traditional super tournament is taking place in Germany.


Bluebaum - Vitiugov
White has to pay too great a price to defend against the checkmate after 25...Ra3!. A traditional super tournament started in Germany.


Javakhishvili - Girya
When a rook gets caught: 32.Rd7? Nb8!, and Black wins. European - ACP Women Rapid Championship is taking place in the capital of Georgia.


Alekseev - Mamedov
A passer is a little bit late for promotion: 35...Qe1! 36.Kg1 Nxh3+! The Individual European Championship finished in Georgia.


Grischuk - Caruana
Two bishops are not always an edge: Black got a stable advantage after 31...d4!. Fabiano Caruana won the Candidates Tournament in the capital of Germany.