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Position of the day

Dubai 2015

Safarli - Grandelius
The black king hopes to find safety on another wing, but it is not going to happen: 49.Rf4! exf4 50.Re1! The traditional Dubai open is about to end in UAE.

Bremen 2015

Areschenko - Eljanov
The nice pirouette 27.Nc4! Rf5 28.Nb6 allows White to get to the Black's weak pawns in another round of the German Bundesliga.

Baden Baden 2015

Naiditsch - Fracnik
Blunder of the day: in a winning position Black played 37...exf4??, and 38.Qe8+ his position became lost. The game was played during in the German Bundesliga.

St. Louis 2015

So - Akobian
F in a drawing class: Wesley So was forfeited in this position for writing unrelated notes on this scoresheet.

St. Louis 2015

So - Onischuk
The bishop hunters succeeded after 31.Nd2! Bf6 32.Rd7 Be4+ 33.Nxe4 Rxe4 34.Rxf7, and White got a decisive advantage. St. Louis hosts the US Championship.

Sochi 2015

M. Muzychuk - Pogonina
The timely exchange combination 41.Bxf7+! secured White a draw and gave the match win. Mariya Muzychuk becomes the 15th World Champion.

Moscow 2015

Khismatullin - Mamedov
After 23.Nf5! White created big troubles for the enemy king. A traditional open tournament ended in Moscow.

Moscow 2015

Inarkiev - Salem Saleh
After 24...Rxg2+! Black got a decisive advantage. The traditional Aeroflot Open approaches its final rounds in Moscow.

Sochi 2015

Pogonina - Cramling
The most precise way to win the game - and also the nicest: 38.Nd7+! Natalia Pogonina equalizes against Pia Cramling in the World Championship Semifinal.