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11 November 2017

Saint Louis Hosts Champions Showdown

Alexander Grischuk leads his match with Fabiano Caruana.

Photo: Austin Fuller, official site
Photo: Austin Fuller, official site
The Champions Showdown, a series of four matches of prominent chess players, is taking place in the Saint Louis Chess Club. The format is experimental: the games feature no delay or increment; each player has 30 minutes for the first 4 games, 20 minutes for the next 6, 10 minutes for the next 8, and finally only 5 minutes for the last 12 game. Scoring: G/30 - 5 points per victory, G/20 - 4 points, G/10 - 3 points, and G/5 - 2 points.  

The first three matches, that have began on November 9, are Nakamura vs. Topalov (the current score is 28.5-15.5 - 2.5-1.5 in the first day and 4-2 in the second day), Dominguez vs. So (28.5-15.5 - 2.5-1.5 and 4-2), and Grischuk vs. Caruana (24-20 - 2-2 and 3.5-2.5). 

On November 11, the fourth match Carlsen vs. Ding Liren will start as well.  

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