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23 May 2016

Anatoly Karpov Turns 65

Congratulations from RCF!

Anatoly Karpov Turns 65
Anatoly Karpov Turns 65
On May 23, Anatoly Evgenyevich Karpov, the 12th World Champion, RCF Vice-President, and Russian State Duma Deputy, turns 65. 

Anatoly learned chess at the age of 4, like Capablanca. At 15 he became the youngest chess master in USSR. In 1969 the 18-year-old Karpov became junior world champion, confirming his status as of the biggest Russian upcoming star. 

In 1973 Karpov tied for first in the Leningrad interzonal, then won candidates matches against Polugaevsky, Spassky, and Korchnoi, and advanced to the World Championship match with Robert Fischer, which unfortunately never took place due to Fischer's excessive demands. On April 3, 1975, Anatoly Karpov became a new World Champion. He quickly solidified his status of the world's strongest player by winning international tournaments in Milan, Amsterdam, Las Palmas, Tilburg, Bugiono, etc.

In 1978 and 1982 Karpov successfully defended his title against Victor Korchnoi. In 1984 the saga of Karpov-Kasparov matches begun, which lasted for almost a decade – having lost his title in 1985, Karpov resiliently tried to win it back, and was very close to it in Sevilla, 1987, but lost the ultimate game. 

Anatoly Karpov does not play often these days, as he is very busy with other occupations. He is a Vice-President of Russian Chess Federation, Duma Deputy, head of a number of charity funds, etc. His hobby is collecting stamps, and his collection's estimated worth is 13 million Euro.

Russian Chess Federation Congratulates Anatoly Evgenyevich Karpov on his birthday, wishes him happiness, health, and new achievements!

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