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Russian Youth Cup 2017
Cities of Russia
Russian Youth Cup 2017  

The Russian Youth Cup (boys and girls) 2017 consists of regional tournaments, which have a status of the stages, and the final tournament. The tournaments are held in the age categories under 9, under 11, under 13, and under 15 years old.

Sporstmen have a right to play in an unlimited number of the Russian Youth Cup stages during the year. Regulations of the stages are developed by regional chess federations and agreed with the Russian Chess Federation. 

The final stage of the Cup takes place during the first ten days of January 2018 according to the round-robin system.

Eight sportsmen take part in each age group. Seven of them are those players who gained the most number of Cup points in any three stages; one participant is the nominee of the regional federation, which organizes the final stage (providing that this sportsman has taken part in no less than three stages). If the final stage organizer doesn’t have “his own” player, the 8th best player of all stages replaces him. In the case of any withdrawal, the substitution is not provided.

In case of a tie between two or more qualifiers, the finalists are determined by the following criteria: 1) the most number of points scored by the participants in all the games of the stages; 2) the least amount of the places, which participants won in the stages.

Tournament Calendar 2017

1. Snow Queen, January 3-10, Khabarovsk

2. A. Suetin Memorial, January 3-13, Tula

3. Russian Youth Cup Stage, March 4-12, Voronezh

4. Kamchatka Cup, March 19-27, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

5. Petrovskaya Ladja. Spring,  March 20-31, Peterhof

6.  Podmoskovnaya Vesna, April 29 – May 8, Serpukhov, Moscow Oblast

7.  R. Nezhmetdinov Memorial, May 29 – June 8, Kazan

8.  Hopes of Ural, May 31 – June 8, Orsk, Orenburg Oblast

9.   Sea Harbor, June 1-11, Anapa

10. «Centre» Corporation Cup, June 9-17, Izhevsk

11.  Sochi 2017, June 12-22, Sochi

12.  V. Dokhlenko Memorial, June 12-21, Tomsk

13.  Yaroslavia, June 12-20, Rybinsk

14.  A. Suvorov Memorial, June 23 – July 2, Yevpatoria

15.  Youth Chess Festival in Memory of V. Kibizov, June 23 – July 1, Chelyabinsk

16.  Tolyatti Cup, June 24 – July 2, Tolyatti

17.  Rusakov Memorial, June 28 – July 8, Omsk

18.  VIII Chelyabinsk Oblast Governor's Cup, July 2-10, Satka

19.  Volga Cup, July 3-13, Kostroma

20.  Maestro, July 8-19, Berdsk

21.  Malaya Zemlya, July 13-23, Novorossiysk

22.  Zhiguli Spaces, July 17-27, Samara

23.  Yaroslav the Wise, July 20-30, Yaroslavl

24.  Russky Island, July 20-30, Vladivostok

25.  Altai Cup, July 23 – August 2, Barnaul

26.  Petrovskaya Ladja. Summer, August 1-11, Peterhof

27.  Nadezhda's Cup, August 12-22, Nizhny Novgorod

28.  St Petersburg Summer, August 15-28, Saint Petersburg

29.  Hopes of Astrakhan, August 16-29, Astrakhan

30.  Bryansk Forest, August 24-31, Bryansk

31.  Anapa 2017, August 31 – September 10, Anapa

32.  Bosporus 2017, September 1-11, Kerch

33.  Kolomna Verst, October 4-14, Kolomna, Moscow Oblast

34.  Leningrad Oblast Governor's Open Cup, October 7-15, Tosno, Leningrad Oblast

35. Final 2017